SUPrent 1h – 20€

SUPrent 2h – 25€

SUPrent 3h – 30€

SUPrent 1 day – 40€

Weekend(Fri ev. – Sun) 75€

Guide 35€/h

Kayakrent 2h – 30€

Kayakrent 3h – 35€

Kayakrent 1 day – 50€

Weekend (Fri ev. – Sun) – 90€

Guide 35€/h

Delivery / pickup 1€/km

Where you will find us

In the 2023 season, we will be stationed in Alesundet, which is an excellent starting point for Sup & Kayak. We will also use the boardwalk in the city center and Pavis as starting points if you wish.



Parking at the square by the hotel.


Start next to the restaurant.

Parking down by the harbour.

More Adventures

Our goal is to develop more and new adventures in Kristinestad and its surrounding areas. Feel free to get in touch if you have ideas and thoughts on what you want to be arranged here.

On request we can also arrange various tailored adventures for groups. Get in touch and we can discuss what you are interested in.

Examples of adventures we have arranged:

  • Cooking outdoors
  • Survival skill courses
  • Guided hikes
  • Collaborative exercises
  • Programs on outdoor days
  • Climbing indoors and outdoors
  • Popup obstacle Courses
  • problem solving for groups